Metals trading is old story, as old as humanity is. The first metals traded were gold, silver, platinum. As trading technology is developed, precious metals are one of the most keystones working parts that decide the value of the commodity market in general. Precious metals and other commodities are traded on CFDs also and can bring big results to traders in short and long term.

In the modern days, Asia is the continent which has invested the most on purchasing precious metals. Even though, as market, commodity market is dominated by European and American investors. The location does not matter.

You have all the potential to make money in precious metals. We are the right company to get started, since we have the right experience, professional people, technology and security options to provide you with. We want to give you all the solutions that will make you avoid making costly mistakes.

What is the commodity market?

Traders have access to over 50 commodity assets, which allow them to invest their capital in hard commodities like metals, oil and other valued metals for building materials like copper. The commodity market offers liquidity and leverage to individual traders that want to trade only in this market. Of course, the larger might be the amount to trade, the larger are the chances to make good profits.

Why investing in precious metals?

The most profitable aspect of investing precious metals is an attribute called the intrinsic value. If an asset has intrinsic value, it means that the value of the asset is not depended on the supply and demand of the market for this asset, but from the characteristics of the asset itself. Usually when an asset has been always valued through the history, like gold, and it is immune to inflation (for no reason you decide to print more gold!) it is said that it has intrinsic value. The desire of investors for long-term ownership of precious metals give them enormous gains in long term.

Past tracks of trade precious metals

Precious metals have been appreciated for centuries and hold a considerable place in the today’s financial market. They are especially preferable to diversify the portfolio in long term and their value will not fade since they are used in too many industrial areas, crucial for people’s life. To take the maximum out of the commodity benefits, you need to understand the risks and benefits which come from them. They are considered safe havens, but their volatility should not be underestimated. Nothing to worry related to that, out of volatility can come a big fortune.

How can trading indicators help you trading?

Trading indicators will help you test and identify your trading ideas and apply them on real data analysis which will lead to informed decisions based on market conditions. Indicators will assist you on better making enter and exit decisions. One of the best indicators is Moving average, which will give you control over a huge amount of information. When used in a correct way, it is a powerful tool to validate and test your trading ideas.


Exciting opportunities

Expose your capital to the largest commodity markets, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Zinc, Copper and more. In less than a minute you will be able to open your positions in Gold and other industrial metals.

Grow your capital from both markets

You are allowed to trade in both market directions. You can profit by opening a short position, which means that the trader will tend to sell high and buy it back low.

Safely diversify your portfolio

Always include a couple of commodities in your portfolio, the risk will be diversified better due to their safe nature as finite, very necessary assets.




Beginner Trader

Is it the first time you are facing financial markets? Well, go with one of the accounts, tailored for beginner traders. You can start with $ 250 as a minimum, or any amount up to $ 2,500, so you take advantage of what a beginner account provides you with.

Intermediate Trader

Do you have a couple of years in financial markets and have some basic knowledge and experience? We provide a tailored account for this category starting with a minimum investment of $ 2,500 up to $ 25,000. Enjoy additional trading privileges coming along with higher investments.

Advanced Trader

For any professional trader and investor, we provide privileges for people who trade daily for many years now, advanced accounts are serving trading services and standards which will put your experience in a higher level, and make you expand your expertise and knowledge.



Pip stands for ‘Percentage In Point’. It is a measure unit in exchange rates fluctuations. It measures profits and losses. One pip is equal to 0.0001.


A spread is the difference between the selling and buying price for a certain asset. Differently said, it is the cost of trading.


A margin is the minimum amount of capital required to have your trading account valid to trade. The margin makes you available to a larger amount of capital through leverage.