We appreciate innovation and improvement as key factors to stay on the top of the industry. We want to be the best at each service we offer. Embracing change and the latest trends of technology helped us to be one of a kind in the trading industry.

We strive for the best on a daily basis, so our clients would be happy and profitable. This is our main purpose. We measure our success by the number of clients who stay longer and are happy with us. We are delivering exceptional services.

We have greater results while we work as a team. We trust each other's skills, capabilities and professionalism. We motivate people to bring the best out of them, and to make new proposals over products and services. We are made by the contribution of everyone.

Real-Time Access to Market Prices

Access real-time Forex and other asset prices. Along with the assets symbol, the real time buy and sell prices are displayed. There are other details like spreads, margin required and more. The number of buyers and sellers is also available, giving a clue about the market sentiment.

All Levels of Technical & Fundamental Analysis Tools

There are 30 built-in technical indicators available to perform technical analysis. Also, 9 different timeframes, from one-minute to monthly time intervals are available 24/7, live on the platform. Forecast price movements, identify support and resistance levels, define stop loss and take profits levels, all this directly from the charts.

Robust Security and High Stability

Any data exchanged through Webtrader is encrypted through a 129-bit key. The platform also supports digital signature. While you are trading, your trade IP is hidden. All these features together create a very secure trading and online transaction environment.

Multiple Trading Orders

Webtrader provides 2 market orders and 4 types of pending orders. A stop-loss order automatically closes the trade when the condition about the price level is met. Take-profit enables traders to take a certain level of profits and close the trade also automatically. Both functions can be easily deleted and modified.

Advanced charts package

Webtrader's strongest points are its analytical functions. Online prices and interactive chart packages allow deep analysis and quick ideas of what decisions to make.

• 3 types of charts: bars, Japanese
candlesticks and broken line;
• 9 timeframes: from 1 minute to 1 month;
• 30 technical indicators available;
• 24 analytical objects.

Mobile Compatible

It provides all the features of the desktop version. Advanced charts, live prices, news, indicators, tools, transparent conditions; trade from your mobile or tablet.

Your iPhone/iPad/iPod are all suitable devices to trade thanks to Webtreader ability to adapt to the mobile versions of the smart devices. It provides full support for the trading functions needed to apply your trading strategy.

A thrilling trading experience with a multi asset trading platform reliable, stable, globally well-known.