Majors are the most traded pairs, they all contain american dollar, and another currency from countries with influence into the international market.

Crosses (Minors) are the forex pairs which do not contain USD. They are usually less traded than majors, but sometimes they change behaviour and are traded in high volumes.

Exotic pairs are low-liquid and their price movements are difficult to predict. They are created as a pair of USD and a currency from a non developing country.

Technology companies tend to focus on software, hardware or process related technologies, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet.
Financial stocks encompass a wide variety of companies, such as banks, insurance brokers, payment processing companies, mortgage lenders, and others.
According to the industrial sectors stocks are divided into energy, industrial, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, utilities, communications, industrial, healthcare, basic materials, real estate stocks.
The components of a blockchain are the details of the sender, receiver and amount of e-coins, a hash, which serves as a unique fingerprint, a hash of the previous block in the chain.
The price movement is shown by a bar in a bar chart. How long is this bar is determined by the high and low of a trading period, for example, a hour.
A Candlestick chart gives a beautiful picture of the profile of market prices and makes it easy to categorize market price patterns to a more excellent degree.
Trend lines are lines drawn that connect either a series of highs or lows in a trend. They are used to track the trend in progress.
Support and resistance levels are one of the most basic and an essential component of technical analysis that signal tops and bottoms.
Initial public offerings give you the chance to profit by the difference between the price of the stocks being public for the first time and the prices at which they will eventually settle. As a trader, your earnings will be well-deserved compensation for the risk you take on.
Ask – The seller wants to sell his shares at this price.
Bid – The buyer is willing to buy the stock at this price.
Bear market – A market where the prices tend to fall.
Bull market – A market where the prices tend to grow.
Liquidity – It is referred to the volumes of the stocks available to buy or sell.
Portfolio – It is a collection of assets a trader owns.
Volatility – It presents the price movements, the bigger and faster the swings, the higher the volatility, the riskier the stock is.
High volatility – Any dynamic price movement is shown live in the charts we provide in our trading platform. You just need to keep an eye on them.
Go long and short – You are able to profit in rising and falling markets, open buy or sell positions accordingly.
Diversification – Diversify the risk by investing your capital in the most appealing asset of nowadays.
Identify extra market opportunities through the most advanced technical analysis tools, 24/7 at your disposal.
Identify resistance levels and major support by using a wide range of drawing tools.
Customize the charts as it is easier for you to understand the information. There are five types available: Candlestick, Bar, Area, Heikin-Ashi or Line charts.

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